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Big Sister Coffee Time

Comic Con, Raw Veggies & Faraway Trees

I recently attended my first Comic Con as an exhibitor and man, was it awesome!!! Tiring, but awesome! Over 30,000 people attended this year, and it was so hectic and insane but soooooo fun. I met so many amazing local artists, networked with so many studios, and bought so many beautiful prints! All my friends and family came by and showered me with love and support. I really hope to do it again next year! 

So I finally finished my environment design for Moonface’s house. I like the greyscale version, but still unhappy with the color one. There are still some issues I need to fix… (sigh) but at least it’s done! Woo hoo! 

The veggies in my garden have all finally been harvested! No more until the weather cools down again. 

In other fun news, Bella got a “Lion Cut” …

Live Long & Comic Con!

Ready for #ComicConDubai?! Visit me at Table AA22! Buy prints, browse art, heck, just come say hi! All the cool kids are doing it! #mefcc #artist #ComicCon

Birthday Bubbles At The Park

Visit to the Vet