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Are we there yet?

This is going to be my last post before my move to Canada, tomorrow I will be packing up my iMac and Cintiq for shipping. Ugh, I’m looking forward to the move, but just dreading the adjustment period. This is going to be an intense year …

In other fun news, here are some character sketches I did for a animated short called “The SweetShop.” Please join the Facebook group for regular updates!


So I’ve been featured in this book, titled “Kawaii Design.” Buy it on Amazon. A brief description about the book:
This book collects the work of approximately 30 young artists and designers as they each bring their own unique voice to an interpretation of the concept both in text and in form. From graphic to product design, illustration, toys and installation art the manifestations are endless. Literally meaning cute, kawaii embraces various elements of Japanese visual culture that reflect this aesthetic. While not a new phenomenon, its prevalence continues to grow, gathering new fans and admirers of all ages and influencing contemporary art and popular culture around the globe. Join the movement!


And finally, my last doodle diary sketch before I leave. Indie Music Night at Tamanya Terrace  (×̯×)


"Let’s Take A Selfie!"

The Baobab Forest - The Lost Kingdom of Karibu

Finished my Baobab Forest concept … I wanted to try something different. Don’t know if it works or not .. oh well, blah. It’s done. Moving on…

Bella and Kali had a wonderfully lazy afternoon today.

Where has this band been my entire life? My official summer anthem - Morning Talk by Strange Talk

Baobab Tree Sketches - The Lost Kingdom of Karibu

Palace Prop Design - The Emperor’s New Clothes